The following final year students will be marked ABSENT in their 7th Sem Major projects due to any one of the following reasons
i) They did not get their projects evaluated from their guides by the deadline (20 Dec 2016)
ii) They failed to follow specific instructions of the guides (like sending mails, submitting reports etc)

If your reason is (i) there will be no change in your status of being ABSENT. If the reason is (ii) you are instructed to immediately contact your faculty guide for a resolution and then report to Dr Santosh Kumar (in-charge HoD). Any resolution should be carried out postively by Tuesday, 10 Jan. Failure to do so will result in remaining ABSENT.

List of CSE Students whose Project marks are not submitted
S.No. Name
1 Aayush Bharti
2 Abhishek Pundir
3 Aditya Pandey
4 Ananya Nargotra
5 Ankit Rawat
6 Anubhav Ghildyal
7 Apoorva Rani
8 Arushi Agarwal
9 Ashwani Narwat
10 Ayushi
11 Harsh
12 Jatin Bisht
13 Kartik Sharma
14 Maninder Singh Rekhi
15 Mohan Singh Negi
16 Mikul Saklani
17 Nikhil Kumar
18 Priyanka Pasbola
19 Shubham Bhandari
20 Shubham Choudhary
21 Shubham Rastogi
22 Vandana Rawat
23 Sheetal
24 Alok Rawat
25 Akshay Balyan
List of IT Students whose Project marks are not submitted
S.No. Name
1 Shivansh Rawat
2 Sonali Singh
3 Sonia Bhatia
4 Vandita Jain
5 Vibudh Rastogi
6 Vikash Joshi
7 Shivam Anand
8 Hemant Kapri